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Frequently Asked Questions

Its a starting point to engineering and medical aspirants in class VI to X. The foundation course helps aspirants become mentally and strategically strong when they start studying IIT JEE/MEdICAL concepts and topics, ieally from class XI onwards. The objective of IIT JEE/MEDICAL course is to teach students basics concepts well, efficient time management habits, following a discipline schedule, improving thinking skills etc.

  • A foundation course is helpful. The study method and approach will help you in building
    a good base for IIT JEE/MEDICAL preparation

  • When you start preparing early for JEE/MEDICAL from classes VI to X, you will always
    be ahead at your competition from those who are planning to prepare for JEE/MEDICAL
    and not executing it.

  • You will be taught aboutsome very basic concepts of important JEE/MEDICAL topics
    which will help you to understand everything in a better way in class XI and XII.

  • You will learn the value of self-realisation and hard work. When you are aware of your
    objective and goals early in life and start working to achieve it, half the battle is won.

  • Teachers will be giving the right direction and evaluate their assessments, giving
    guidance and support as per their performance.

  • Students develops locical thinking, analytical skills, reasonsing skills, application skills
    through these courses.

  • Student can also prepare for Olympiad exams, NTSE etc. by pursuing these foundation